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The first independent campus of St. Andrews School came up in the peaceful suburbs of Bowenpally in 1987. Moving from a rented building to a sprawling campus spread across ten acres, St. Andrews School, Bowepally caught the imagination of the people with its imposing buildings and wide-open spaces.

The sprawling campus, offering classes from Playschool to Class XII, is divided into Junior, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary Blocks with well-stocked libraries and dedicated laboratories in each, in addition to Administrative and Sports Blocks. Latest on campus is Akira - a learning centre for children with Dyslexia.

The school gives equal importance to academics and co-curricular activities, by housing extensive academic facilities and cutting-edge skill-development infrastructure. Each year, the school churns out young talents in sports who make the school and the country proud. St. Andrews School is committed to providing the students what they deserve to explore their fullest potential and become highly skilled citizens.


Shamita Bhattacharya


On behalf of my team at St Andrews School, Bowenpally, I welcome you to a campus that has witnessed thirty five years of education, where the motto continues to be “striving towards excellence”.

We believe in a productive partnership that helps our children achieve success in every quarter of their lives. We recognise that in order to be happy citizens of the world, our children need support from their home and school. As partners, we share the responsibility of making them independent, responsible and conscientious citizens who can contribute meaningfully to the society and subsequently, have a significant effect on the global community.

How do we bring this dream to fruition?

As soon as your children develop a sense of trust in the school environment, they learn to be independent and confident as individuals, secure in the knowledge that they have your support at the end of a busy school day. As children gradually become familiar with the routines of a classroom environment, they understand what it is like to be part of a larger group of society.

The primary learning objective is for students to participate as part of a classroom community, which includes learning to be accepting and respectful of others and their properties, listening and taking turns, collaborative learning and developing qualities like empathy and compassion.

We suggest that you guide and support your child’s learning by ensuring that he/she:

Attends school daily and arrives on time, ready for the day’s learning experience. Completes all assignments given by teachers. Reads every day to develop a love for reading. Shares school experiences with you so that you are aware of your child’s school life. Develops empathy for others. Learns to negotiate.

I firmly believe that when a child's social and emotional needs are met, he or she can participate fully in the wide range of learning opportunities at school and later on in college. We should be able to forge a connection between a child's day at school and his/her life at home; your ideas, questions and suggestions can help in building a sense of community and trust in our united purpose. When two powerful forces – parents and the school come together and work with the same commitment to bring up a child as a shared responsibility, I envision a great nation emerging!



Give Your Children The Bright & Fruitful Future They Deserve.



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