By far, the most popular sport in St. Andrews school is football. Virtually, every student begins playing this game at the primary level. The most keenly contested tournament in school is the Inter-House Football Tournament held in August every year. The trophies and accolades won over the years by the school team is a testimony to the popularity of football at school. St. Andrews is known for taking immense pride in its football team. The school is renowned for the longest winning streak in the school's football history. St. Andrews has superb training facilities and this is the reason we are ranked among the best school football teams in the twin cities.

John de Souza Football Tournament
The John de Souza Tournament is considered by many as the premier boys High School football event in the twin cities and has been instituted in memory of Dr. John de Souza. He was a doctor by profession, a businessman by occupation and an avid footballer. This tournament is an annual event that witnesses the keen participation of all football loving schools.

Head Coach: Mr. S. Anthony