In a world that is constantly changing, the greatest challenge is nurturing children as they go through the significant Kindergarten years. Kindergarten is an exciting, eventful and most often overwhelming time for children and their families. This is a critical period in each child's early school career. Experiences gained here set children on a path that influences their latter years of learning and school achievement.

The locations of the new schools have been chosen with great care, in tandem with our mission of providing students with a rich educational experience. The Prep Schools are conveniently located in residential areas, keeping in mind the numerous advantages this holds for both toddlers and parents alike including smaller class sizes, personalized instruction and an easy commute.

Studies show that young children learn best when they have the opportunity to discover and practice. The curriculum at St. Andrews Prep revolves around play-based lessons and activities that stimulate creative expression, cognitive abilities, curiosity and the development of motor skills. All of these are essential to their future learning. At St. Andrews Prep, we embrace the philosophy that childhood is a journey and the school strives to support children in all aspects of this exciting educational voyage.

Welcome to the wonders of learning. Welcome to St. Andrews Prep.

Niharika Lawrence

COORDINATOR  :  Deepa Deshpande
Dammaiguda Sainikpuri Moula ali Yapral
Prema Gaddada Diana Paul Felicia Florin Holding Basil Vincent Glory
Suma Suvidhya A Sunayana Chahande K Karuna Shree Tulip Oliver
Maria Tabitha Clement Ayesha Fathima Maria Mary Smith Sonia Sayal
Rachael Roshini