The curriculum is designed to ease the transition into primary school in a holistic manner. The curriculum aims to awaken curiosity, stimulate independence and build self-confidence in each child through innovative activities and experiences. The curriculum is organized in seven different areas of learning.

Developing abilities in language and literacy requires being competent in a subset of skills. This includes speaking, listening, reading and writing. At St. Andrews Prep, students will work on reading and writing skills, with the focus on letters, sounds and words, as well as reading and writing with accuracy, fluency and expression.

Number Work
Mathematical understanding is developed through games, songs and practical activities. Children learn to count, match objects, find patterns, and work with numbers, shapes, spaces and measures.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Laying the foundation for scientific learning begins in kindergarten with the use of a hands-on approach. The child’s natural curiosity is awakened to help them understand the world around them.

Children learn to read and write Hindi as a second language in Upper Kindergarten.

Kindergarten students learn about using the latest technology in an engaged, educationally focused environment created by Calken Computer Education. The curriculum, at St. Andrews Prep, is designed to help students learn about computers in a way that is age appropriate.

Creative Development
Creativity is fundamental to any successful learning endeavour. Art, music, imaginative play and dance are strategically utilized. This allows children to connect with other areas of learning and also helps to extend their knowledge.

Physical Development
The PE programme at St. Andrews Prep encourages children to enjoy being active. A variety of games and exercises supports the development of motor skills and physical well-being. Children gain self-esteem and confidence as they learn to handle sports’ tools and equipment.