An Andrewite strives towards the pursuit of knowledge, the love of wisdom, an appreciation for beauty and the development of strong character.

In a life centred on holistic development, an Andrewite is :
  1. Sincere in studies and does this to the best of his/her ability
  2. Understands, witnesses and articulates the virtues of equality, truth and justice
  3. Pursues a life that embodies our motto ‘Reach Out for Truth and Knowledge’
  4. Believes in 'sharing and caring' and is considerate towards the less privileged
  5. Honest at all times

The School seeks to ensure that on completion of the twelfth grade, every Andrewite is:
  1. An independent learner
  2. An effective communicator
  3. A tolerant and empathetic individual
  4. A citizen of the world