Application Fee:   400 + service tax
   Document Checklist
    Documents required for verification and submission at the time of admission
  • Application form duly filled. Application form can be purchased from the school office
  • Birth Certificate - original and photocopy
  • Aadhar Card of the Applicant - original and photocopy
  • Progress Report - copy of the latest progress report card
  • Transfer Certificate - in original to be submitted at the time of admission or before the 30th of June
  • Passport Size Photographs:
  •     * Applicant - 2 copies
        * Parents - 1 copy each of both parents


   I/We declare that:
  • The information given in the Application Form is true and correct
  • I / We accept that this application does not automatically admit the applicant / student, and St. Andrews School reserves the right to make a final decision
  • I / We understand that this institution does not take any donations whatsoever and I / We state that I/We shall not try in any way to influence or pay any person or any organisation to get this seat in St. Andrews School
   Should admission be granted
  • I / We promise to support the aims of the school
  • I / We undertake to abide by the policies and regulations of the school
  • I / We accept that, on breaking school rules, our child / ward may be asked to leave the school
  • I / We agree to pay the applicable fee and abide by the mode of payments and its schedules
  • I / We acknowledge my/our responsibility to teach my/our child/ward outside the teaching hours of the school
  • While every care and precaution will be taken by the school, I / We will not hold the school responsible for any accident, illness or loss of personal property sustained by my/our child during his/her years in school
  • I / We understand that the discovery of false certificates and reports, presented at the time of admission, may lead to the subsequent removal of my child/ward from school
  • I / We authorise the school to take photographs of my child, while engaged in school activities for official school use