The St. Andrews' Transport Department provides strategic solutions for student transportation. The transport service has around 57 buses plying different routes throughout the city. The students availing the bus service pay a standard bus fee irrespective of the boarding point. This fee is payable in advance along with the tuition fee.

Transport Guidelines
  • Temporary permission for your child to travel on a different bus route or requests to create new boarding points will NOT be entertained
  • In case of relocation within the city, permission to travel on a new bus route is subject to availability of seating space
  • In order to discontinue the bus facility, a request has to be made vide an application form available at the school transport office. Bus fee will be charged for the whole month, even if the facility has been availed for part of the month
  • Cancellation of bus service, after reserving a seat, will attract cancellation charges - bus fee of the current month and two months thereafter
  • Application for cancellation of bus service will not be accepted after the 20th in a month and will be effective from the 1st of the month
  • Application for cancellation of bus service will not be processed until all bus fee dues are cleared
  • Bus fee paid for the month of April will not be refunded under any circumstance
  • Students misbehaving on the bus will invite disciplinary action

For further information, please contact the Transport Manager at 9849914096 for Bowenpally & 7093059396 for Keesara.

Pick-Up Time Criteria
Buses attempt to arrive at every bus stop on time. Due to the differences between individual clocks and road traffic, students are asked to arrive at their bus stop ten (10) minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time. Buses will pick up students and depart from the stop. Buses will not wait for late students. Bus drivers are instructed not to stop for late students.

Terms and Conditions of Travel
Please note, by registering to use the bus service, you undertake to accept the terms and conditions of travel. This includes sanctions which would be enforced if the standards of required behaviour are not met. All students availing the school bus service must ensure that they maintain discipline on and off the bus or they may be deprived of this facility. The transport facility offered to the students of the school is not a right but a privilege. Parents need to be aware that if their child causes any damage or does not meet the standards of required behaviour on the bus, they could:
  • Be banned from the bus
  • Be required to pay for any damage they have caused