What curriculum does the school follow?
The School follows the CBSE curriculum.
How old must my child be to start kindergarten?
Does Andrews maintain a waiting list?
If my application is put on the waiting list and my child does not get in, will I have to reapply for the next school year?
Does the school provide boarding facilities?
What languages are offered as a third language?
What kind of student does St. Andrews School admit?
What is the class size?
How will I be notified of admissions?
How do I register my child for admission?
Does registration guarantee admission?
What is the annual academic schedule?
Children with Special Education Needs.
What is the teaching philosophy at St. Andrews?
What is the faculty like?
Sports Uniforms
Does the school accept a donation at the time of admissions?
Homework Policy
Is there a cafeteria?
Do you have extra-curricular activities?
What sports do you offer?
Do you have a bus service?